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A new yachtie’s eye view of the 5-day Basic Safety Training Course, with Seascope France

A new yachtie’s eye view of the 5-day Basic Safety Training Course, with Seascope France

The article below sets out Alyson’s experiences, as someone entirely new to yachting, taking our comprehensive 5-day Basic Safety Training course in Antibes.

A month ago, as someone totally new to the yachting industry, I enrolled on the STCW Basic Safety Training Course with Seascope France. I did not really know what to expect as a new girl, so along I went, a little nervous to be honest, but as soon as I arrived, I met Ged, (the BEST trainer), and the other students who all seemed very friendly and keen to learn like me.
First things first, on arrival at the classroom, a cup of tea! Then we all took our seats, ready to hear what Ged had to tell us.
The location of the classroom is ideal; 5 minutes’ walk away from the train station, 3 minutes away from the bus station and 10 minutes’ walk from the town centre of Antibes. Ged made all the learning fun and made everyone feel very comfortable as he involved all the students, we discussed matters and his experiences in life, which had included years working as a fireman and in the British Royal Navy. 
Basically, the Basic Safety Training Course consists of 5 different modules. All, as I discovered through the course of the week, included important practical information for working onboard a boat.

The 5 modules included in the Basic Safety Training week are:

During the first three days, we completed the first three modules listed above with classes starting at 9am – being on time is important as this is an attendance course so if you’re late you won’t get your certificate!

We had a study break in the morning and the afternoon – complimentary tea and coffee, were available for us as well as usage of a microwave and fridge. If you choose to bring your own packed lunch, you can keep it cool and heat it up!! If you would rather buy your lunch, there is a small supermarket, bakery, restaurant and a snack bar just a 1-minute walk from the classroom.

Next installment from me will be my adventure up to the fire ground for real fire fighting training…. Watch this space.
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