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Yacht Steward(ess) Training

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Whether you are new to the superyacht industry or have been working on yachts and want to consolidate your interior service skills, this course is a perfect solution. Approved by IAMI/GUEST, this yacht interior training course includes the essential areas a yacht stew is expected to be knowledgable in - Housekeeping and Laundry Services on Superyachts; Wine, Bartending, and Mixology; Food and Beverage Services. The full course also covers key information about superyacht industry including demographics, terminology, cruising areas, onboard duties etc.

This introductory training course is a perfect solution for anyone who wishes to join yachting and work in superyacht interior but has little or no related experience and knowledge.


What you need to know
  • Place: Golfe-Juan, 405 Chemin du Gaz
  • Price: 1100 euros
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Booking: you can secure your place on the training with either full payment or 50% deposit.
About the course

The Yacht Steward/ess course is the basic interior course approved by G.U.E.S.T Program (Guidelines for Excellence in Superyacht Training). This program is accredited by the International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI) and is the only internationally accredited maritime hospitality program available to crew working in the luxury superyacht sector.

Often, our training sessions are accompanied by practice onboard thus placing trainees in real yachting ambiance and boosting their confidence they need to undertake a job on a superyacht. 

What you will learn

The comprehensive 5-day Yacht Steward/ess course includes 4 modues - Introduction to Yachting and Yachting Life, Basic Housekeeping & Laundry on Superyachts, Basic Wine, Bartending & Mixology, and Basic Food & Beverage Services. Each module is structured in such a way that allows the trainees easily go through the most pertinent areas and receive a wealth of knowledge in a short period of time. Classroom learning is supported with student manulas, activities, and onboard practice whenever possible.

Introduction to Yachting and Yachting Life

  • demographics of the yachting industry
  • professional search for a position within the industry
  • life at sea and maintaining health and wellbeing
  • main departments of a yacht and the hierarchy & chain of command
  • standards of personal presentation
  • standards of attention to detail required onboard a yacht
  • importance of communication

Basic Housekeeping and Laundry Services

  • professional presentation & eye for detail in all guest areas
  • clean & detail guest cabins & bathrooms
  • clean & maintain crew areas
  • clean & maintain the fabrics, surfaces, & finishing's found in a typical luxury yacht
  • professional laundry practices & procedures
  • maintain & follow laundry duties efficiently
  • respectfully & discreetly handle guest personal items
  • pack & unpack guest luggage
  • correctly hang, store & place guest garments & personal items

Basic Food and Beverage Services

  • the principles of guest service
  • high standards of presentation and etiquette expected
  • different food service techniques
  • basics of how to carry out food and beverage service on board a yacht
  • basics of how to prepare mise en place for the service areas onboard
  • practices promoting Food Safety
  • understanding and recognition of special Dietary Requirement 

Basic Wine, Bartending, and Mixology

  • factual knowledge of the basics of the world of wine
  • basics of regions and grapes of the world relevant to the yachting industry
  • basic principles of professional wine service
  • correct wine storage onboard a yacht
  • basic understanding of how to identify the main spirits and recognize the classic service for spirits
  • basic understanding of how to recognise and use the required tools for cocktail making
  • basic methods used to mix cocktails. 
Onboard practice

Whenever possible, we offer future yacht stews to experience the ambience and luxury of real superyachts. Housekeeping and Food Service modules include a number of practical activities carried out onboard of a motoryacht located in the nearby port Camille Rayon, within walking distance from the classroom. 

On the last day of their training, yacht stews put their skills into practice during live lunch onboard: they arrange and set the table, get ready silverware, napkins, glasses, wine, menu etc. and serve drinks and food during the lunch.  Guests who join for the lunch are crew agents, yacht interior managers, chief stews, captains and other representatives of the yachting industry.


Upon successful completion of the course, trainees are issued with IAMI/GUEST certificates (2 certificates; 2 modules per certificate). The certificates are issued digitally and emailed from IAMI certification platform to the email address provided during course registration. 

GUEST Hospitality Certificate of Competency

Holders of IAMI/GUEST certificates can be elligible to apply for Certificate of Competency granted by IAMI - International Association of Maritime Institutions. You can learn more about GUEST CoC here. 

Training packs

Yacht Steward/ess training can be booked as a part of more comprehensive training packages that include STCW Basic Safety training - the minimum requirement to enter superyacht industry and work on commercial vessels:

Basic Interior pack: STCW Basic Safety + Yacht Steward/ess training

Full Interior pack: STCW Basic Safety + Yacht Steward/ess training 

Our packages are designed to give newcomers to the superyacht industry the possibility to get both mandatory and auxiliary qualifications at a competitive price.


Our trainings and packages do not include accommodation. However, we work closely with a number of crew houses in Antibes that offer accommodation. Please, check the list here.

All our courses are conducted in English. A sufficient level of understanding and speaking is required in order to successfully complete the course. Contact us if you have any questions.

Before booking the course, please make sure you read the course delivery, deposit and cancellation policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Inge Vorster
Thank you Faith!

I had such a great time during this course! I feel well-prepared and confident in my abilities, having completed this course. Faith was an amazing instructor. She was kind, patient, and very knowledgeable in her field! I learnt so much from the personal anecdotes she shared with us in the class. Getting to learn from someone who has so much experience and is so good at their job was such a pleasure. The course material was very thorough and filled with lots of helpful information. I highly recommend the course for any greenies trying to get into the industry, who don't know where to start! Thank you to Faith again for everything- especially for answering my many many questions. I only hope I'll be lucky enough to have a chief stew close to as good as you one day!

Bec S.
It was fantastic!

I loved getting practiced experience on the yacht!
Amazing teacher & great materials!!

Fantastic, amazing teacher & great material

Loved getting practiced experience on the yacht !!!

Lisa G.
The course definitely met my expectations

it was so amazing doing the course with Faith. I have learned so much in these 5 days. She also had a lot of patience with us and we could ask her every auestion we had. I hope I will join the industry very soon and hopefully see her again

Alice M.
I'd love Faith as a chief stew !

Faith is an incredible instructor who was extremely patient with us and all our questions and is amazing with her teaching from training to personal experience.
Everything in the classroom was great and I appreciated how much we were provided.
I feel so much more confident going into the industry having done this course.