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New yachtie’s view: 5-day Basic Safety Training Course with Seascope France

New yachtie’s view: 5-day Basic Safety Training Course with Seascope France

Through fire into water! Friday is the last day of STCW Basic Safety Training in Antibes. The final modue is called Personal Survival Techniques, and it is all about survival at sea.  


     In the morning, we were back to the classroom for a short session to learn about different emergencies on water and survival equipment one would need onboard. We also talked about how to abandon ship in case of an emergency, how to use the life raft, and many other 'how to's' which we used in practice right after lunch. 




    Outside pool… February temperatures… Cold water! I was relieved when we got immersion suits. On top, we wore life jackets to train in water survival techniques. We had a good simulation of what to do if we are expected to abandon a ship. As always, our instructor Ged was super knowledgable and funny, and on top vital life-saving skills I enjoyed a good portion of humor. 



       All in all, it was a wonderful week! Being on the French Riviera, we were pampered with lots of sunshine and blue sky. Good weather in Antibes definitely makes all the efforts to ensure safety on yachts more enjoyable. Also, Seascope France made it all easy and smooth for me as a fresher in yachting industry. Apart from the instructor, I communicated with Sophie, the Director, who was really accommodating. She made sure I receive all my BST Training certificates prompty and gave valuable career advice. 


  • Click here to check STCW BST dates 
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