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Meet Sammi, Seascope France RYA instructor

Seascope France introduces you to the superwoman Sammi, our lovely Power Boat Level 2 and Personal Water Craft Course Chief Instructor. 

- Hi Sammi! Great to see you again. Thank you for stopping by to see me.

Hi, my pleasure. Great to see you too.

- Tell us a bit about yourself and what you like to do... 

I LOVE the great outdoors! I grew up on a sailboat with my brother and sister, and I adore the sea, everything water sports related, and water skiing in particular as my family were involved in this at international competition level when I was growing up.

When not on water, as a family we enjoyed spending time in the mountains skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing and all things adrenaline! 

Honestly, I am never happier than when I am on water or on the top of a mountain!

Along with my passion for being active and being in the great outdoors, I am a mother to 3 wonderful teenage girls!

- You used to work on yachts, right ? 

Yes. I spent many years working on yachts mainly as a chef, but I tried pretty much every role except for a boat engineer. That position was covered by my brother who currently works on a 55m yacht currently based in the USA. 


- Have you always been interested in the yachting industry ? 

Yes! Remember that I was growing up on a sailing yacht. Superyachts were in our neighbourhood, so it felt quite natural to enter the yachting industry. For me, it meant that I was able to live my passion. At the same time, I could travel around the world, discover new places, meet new people, and earn a living. What more could I ask for? 


- You spent a decade of your childhood living onboard a 58ft yacht and crusining around the world with your family. What did the day look like back then? 

Life was very different back then. Growing up on a sailboat had its drawbacks. My teenage company was very limited as I was mostly with my parents and siblings. But I wouldn't change it for the world! My memories and experience... They are unforgettable! Would I do it again?  In one word, YES! My parents gave me that sense of adventure and love for the outdoors.

- Can you dscribe your typical day these days?

Ha! There is no typical day.  Every day is different, and this is what I enjoy. I generally teach one jet ski course per week in Antibes (1-day course) and one or two power boat courses a week (2 day-course). 

I might be teaching the same course as last week; however, everything about that day is different - from weather and sea conditions to the students on the  course. 

The Power Boat 2 and Jet Ski License courses are both very hands on which is what I  enjoy the most. After all, I grew up handling boats, checking the weather,  being aware of dangers, dealing with emergency situations. Oh yes, accidents do happen! I enjoy sharing my real life experiences with my students what I believe helps them relate more easily to what I am teaching. 

 - You have 3 daughters. Would you like them to follow your path? 

They are all very different, and I do not think that the yachting industry would necessarily suit each of them. As a mother, you do not really mind what your children choose as long as they are happy!

For my eldest there might well be a career in yachting. She has a natural ability (like her mother). She has started out in the industry and she loves it! What is there not to love?

Let's wait and see what path my other two daughters choose to follow...


Thank you for the chat, Sammi! It's so interesting to listen to your life adventures!

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